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Livwize, one of our most esteemed and thoughtful association, is a ‘Smart Automation Solutions’ organization offering smart, reliable and pocket friendly IOT solutions for different sectors like office, hospitals, industrial, buildings and home automation.

Livwize is thrived by team of Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things experts. After they started their research and development in 2016, with a strong concept of Home Automation at affordable prices so as to reach every smart phone user they were in strong need to look after their brand management, digital marketing and promotions.

Scope of Work

There is always a lot to do in order to do something new. Livwize started with a vision of introducing Home Automation to India as a luxury affordable by all income range. Being research guys they did all to get a solution ready. Now was our time to make it market ready and above all consumer ready.

  1. Livwize needed an application which can run on both Android and iOS platform. A complete makeover with designs and the functionality.
  2. Complete Branding including the logo designs, the hardware hub box, the packing material etc.
  3. Complete marketing Strategy both offline and online i.e. digital marketing.

Jenext Offerings :

  1. Mobile Application on Android and iOS platforms. A complete makeover for the application. Added new features and compatibility across numerous devices.
  2. Product Website with all the creatives and fresh content as per client’s target sector.
  3. Company Logo and branding across offline andĀ online platforms.
  4. Banners, Pamphlets and brochure designs for different marketing campaigns
  5. Full digital marketing solution i.e. SEO, creating social pages, brand awareness through social campaigns, tie ups and deals offering channel exploration,