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Indian taxation system witnessed one of the biggest changes in its history – implementation of GST, replacing a number of taxes in India. It must have been easier for the accountants and the officials from the financial background but not for the rest.

To ease off the burden of taxation and GST reporting, handling accounts and invoicing, managing inventory and day to day business, TruGST was intdrouced. It’s an custom ERP accounting and Business management solution which can be configured according to different business scenarios as per the requirements.

Projects Vission

Accounting software does not sounds a creative thinking. But still TruGST is unique in its own sense. The creators focussed on making the life easy for a businessman instead of an accounts keeper. It is conceptualized to be handling the accountancy and inventory  management on its own while leaving a user to just focus on invoicing. The user interface should be self explanatory and smooth with rich UI experience maintaining it’s integrity on screens of any size.

Jenext’s new Mission

Delivering a full ERP accounting solution is a huge task which Jenext has overtaken as a challenge. Jenext and TruGST teams together came up with an impressive software which is capable of handling business processes, accounting, inventory management and HR payroll.

Accounting solution on both desktop and mobile platform.

Mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.

Logo design and brand creation.

Brand awareness and marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing.